Full Biography and all Information about the Turkish Actress Tuba Buyukustun. About her Personal Life, Career, Achievements and much more.

Birth Date:    5 July 1982
Birth Place:   Istanbul, Turkey
Religion:        Muslim
Nationality:   Turkish
Height:           5' 7¼" (1.71 m)
Shoe size:       38
Eye color:      Hazel
Hair color:      Brown - Dark
Star:               Cancer
Occupation:   Actress
Years active:  2003 - Present

Tuba Büyüküstün is a Muslim popular Turkish actress was born in Istanbul on 5 July 1982. Her family is basicly from Erzurum, Turkey. But Tuba Büyüküstün was born in Istanbul. In childhood she studied from a private school name Dogus School.

Later she graduated in fine arts from the department of stage decors and costume design department from Mimar Sinan University Istanbul. She is very pretty and talented actress and because of that reason she starts working in commercials while studying in University by meeting the popular diractor Tomris Giritlioglu.

She took a pert in the popular TV series “Makam Sultan” in 2004, but only in the 4 episode. The series which make her super hit neme was Çemberimde Gül Oya, it was directed by Çağan Irmak. In the same year she starts getting different offers for many directors and producers.

In the Movie “My Father and My Son” Tuba Büyüküstün plays the lead role also in the series “Ihlamurlar Altında” she was a lead actress with bulent inal and Sinan which was directed by the well known Aydin Bulut.

She play first major role in cinema in 2010 in the movie Ask directed by Yusuf Kurçenli. Furthermore she plays the lead role in the series named Gönülçelen for ATV. In 2013 Tuba Büyüküstün play a role with Ilker Aksum and come back on the TV screens after a huge back of one and half year. Her fans was waiting to see her again and they appreciate her a lot while she come back

Tuba Büyüküstün become the Turkish UNICEF good will ambassador in 2014, which was officially starts in March, 2014. In the same year her drama with Engin Akyürek released and got so much attention and she won the award name’s ”Stars of Export” for her role in Kara Para Ask.

In 14th International Giuseppe Sciacca Awards Tuba Büyüküstün was nominated and selected as a best actress.

Talking about her personal life Tuba Büyüküstün married with an actor Onur Saylak. In 2012 two daughters born and they give their daughter names Toprak and Maya, later on their marriage broke on 5, June 2017 and she got divorced.


2005               My dad and my son
2006               Exam
2010               Ask your heart
2015                Forest
2015                Memories of the Wind      
2016               Tight Dress
2016               Istanbul Red

TV Series

2003                           Sultan Authority
2004                           Rose Oya in my circle
2005-2007                Ihlamurlar under the
2007-2009                Vaccine
2010-2011                 Gönülçelen
2013                           20 minutes
2014-2015                 Black Money Love
2016-2017                 Brave and Beautiful
2020                           Rise of Empires: Ottoman


2005               Serbia-Montenegro Republic International TV Festival Bar
2007               Istanbul University Informatics Awards
2008              Istanbul University Computer Club Awards
2010               Marmara University Mathematics Club Achievement Awards
2011                Politics Magazine Best of the Year Awards
2011                Radio Television Journalists Association Media Oscars
2011                Turkey Elle Style Awards
2011                TUROB Successful Turkish TV Shows
2013               KARVAK Best of the Year Awards
2013               International Emmy Awards
2014               (TET) Cultural Service Awards
2015                Radio Television Journalists Association Media Oscars
2015                ITU EMOS Success Awards
2015                Uludağ University Marconi Awards
2015                International Giuseppe Sciacca Awards
2015                Crystal Mouse Media Awards
2015                TET Export Awards
2015                Süleyman Şah University Model United Nation Universities
2016               Turkey Youth Awards
2017                TelevisionDizisi.com Best Awards
2017                Sayidaty magazine

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