Full Biography and all Information about the Turkish Actor Halit Ergenç. About his Personal Life, Career, achievements and much more.

Birth Date:         April 30, 1970
Birth Place:        Istanbul, Turkey
Religion:             Muslim
Nationality:        Turkish
Height:                6' (183 cm)
Eyes Color:         Blue
Star:                     Taurus
Occupation:       Actor
Years Active:     1996- Present
Spouse:                Bergüzar Korel 2009 – Present

Halit Ergenç was born on April 20, 1970 in Istanbul; he is a Muslim Turkish actor. Halit Ergenç was born as the son of a popular actor Sait Ergenç.

Halit Ergenç completed his secondary school education from Besiktas Ataturk High School in 1989 and start studying in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) for Marine Engineering Studies. After the graduation from Istanbul Technical University He start studying Operetta and Musical from the theatre department Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. In start Halit Ergenç did job to support himself by working as a computer operator. Later he moves to showbiz.

In 1996, Halit Ergenç started working in the Dormen Theatre and had his first major role in music. He introduced himself in showbiz industry with his role in the series Kara Melek. He stayed working theatre some very nice roles such as Kiss Me, Kate, Tattoo, Kral Ve, Amphitheater 2000, Bana Sevia, Sarkalhar and etekiler and Meyeret.

He plays lead roles in Ölümün El Yazisi and Hiç Yoktan Ask in year 2000 and then start working in series like Dedem, Gofret ve ben Zerda. After that he appeared in several series top hits one after one.

In 2005 and 2006 Halit Ergenç play role in the movie Dad and Son (Babam ve Oglum) directed by Cagan Irmak, also in year 2006 he was a star actor in the series Binbir Gece as Onur Aksal which was not air in 2006 due to some reasons, the Binbir Gece was official released and on air in 2009.

At the same time Halit Ergenç start working in the movie Devrim Arabalari, that movie was based on true event. He also play role of the Great Mustafa Kamel Ataturk in the movie Dersimiz Ataturk and it was also a true story. Makeup artist do try his best to give him Mustafa Kamel Ataturk look and Halit Ergenç did very good acting in that movie.
In year 2011 Halit Ergenç play the role as Suleiman the Magnificent in one of the most liked series Muhtesem Yüzyil which ends up in 2014.

Halit Ergenç was also a part of a protests in 2013 called Gazi protest, his photos was viral in the newspapers wearing a mask and T-Shirt to protect himself from tear gas. His presence was very interesting for people and gives more spirit to the nation, because at the same time he was playing the role of the former great Ottoman Empire leader in Muhtesem Yüzyil. That role was even appriceated by the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

After that he play the role of the first Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic as Fatali Khan Khoyski in” Ali and Nino” also work in the movie Istanbul Kirmizisi. Later he play role with her wife Bergüzar Korel in the series Vatanim.

 Talking about his personal life Halit Ergenç mother was Albanian, he is married with an actress name Bergüzar Korel and they have a son named Ali.

Halit Ergenç is one and only Turkish actor who invited in Pakistan in year 2017 to attend Lux Style Award. He did very nice speech there and honored by the International Icon Award because he is very popular in Pakistan. In his speech Halit Ergenç said that he know Pakistan from his childhood as a brother country.


2000 Death Handwriting
2004 School
2005 The Net 2.0
2005 My dad and my son
2006 Tram
2006 First love
2008 Revolution Cars
2008 Hangover
2009 Bitter love
2010 Our lesson Atatürk
2010 Guest
2010 Hangover 2
2012 Hangover 3
2016 Ali and Nino
2017 Istanbul Red

TV Series

1993 Find me
1996 Sweet Freaks
1996 Dark Angel
1997 Would it be like this
1998 Expatriates
2000 Love From Nothing
2001 My Grandfather, Wafer and Me
2002 Traces on the Beach
2002 Zeybek Fire
2002 Azad
2002 Zerde
2003 Father
2003 People of the Captive City
2004 Alia
2006 Thousand Nights
2011-2014 Magnificent Century
2016 Ali and Nino
2016-2018 Vatanım Sensin
2020 Babylon


2007 34th Golden Butterfly Awards
2009 Sadri Alışık Cinema and Theater Awards
2014 41st Magnum Golden Butterfly Awards
2017 5.Bilkent Tv Awards
2017 11.GSÜ EN Awards
2017 6.Fashion Tv Fashion Awards

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